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Agnethe Fencker
Agnethe Fencker
Fencker as a centenarian
Birth: 24 October 1910
Uummannaq, Qaasuitsup, Greenland
Death: 7 April 2013
Ilulissat, Qaasuitsup, Greenland
Age: 102 years, 165 days
Country: Greenland (Denmark)GRL,DenmarkDEN

Agnethe Fencker (née Markussen; 24 October 1910 – April 2013) was a Greenlander centenarian.


Agnethe Fencker was born Karen Margrethe Agnethe Markussen in Qaarsut, Uummannaq, Qaasuitsup in Greenland on 24 October 1910. She became the oldest living person in Greenland on 15 August 2008 after the death of Charlotte Petersen. Fencker became a centenarian on 24 October 2010.[1]

Agnethe Fencker became the oldest woman ever from Greenland when she surpassed the age of Malene Lund in 2012. Fencker died in Ilulissat, Qaasuitsup in Greenland, in April 2013, at the age of at least 102 years, 159 days and is currently the oldest person ever from Greenland.

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