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Alice Foote
Alice Foote
Birth: 21 September 1868
Hebron, Connecticut, USA
Death: 14 June 1980
Manchester, Connecticut, USA
Age: 111 years, 267 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Alice Elizabeth Foote nee Hills (21 September 1868 – 14 June 1980) was a validated American supercentenarian.


Alice Foote was born in Hebron, Connecticut as Alice Hills, on 21 September 1868. She worked as a teacher, farmer and reporter. She broke her hip when she was 101 years old and then moved to a nursing home in Manchester, Connecticut. She credited her longevity to hard work and being busy. When she was 108, she stated that the world "goes along about the same". Alice Foote died on 14 June 1980 at the age of 111 years, 267 days. She was the third-oldest living person in the world at the time of her death, behind Fannie Thomas and Anna Murphy.