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Aline Foret
Aline Foret
Birth: 12 December 1913
Raceland, Louisiana, USA
Death: 21 October 2021
Houma, Louisiana, USA
Age: 107 years, 313 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Aline Foret (née Fournier; 12 December 1913 – 21 October 2021) was an American centenarian who was one of the oldest known survivors of COVID-19, having recovered from the disease at the age of 106.


Early Life and Career

Foret was born in Raceland, Louisiana, USA on 12 December 1913. As a young girl she moved to New Orleans to live with her father and grandmother, where she learned to cook. After graduating from high school, she met her future husband, Gillis Foret, on a blind date. Gillis was in the Coast Guard, and after they were married they moved around the country, living in New Orleans, Washington, DC, New York, and Florida. In 1938, after his service was completed, the couple moved to Golden Meadow, Louisiana and later built a house in Galliano, Louisiana. They had one child, named "Happy", who was born in 1943.

After her husband went to work in the oilfield, Foret was a housewife who loved to cook. She later got a part-time job in a private school in New York, where she taught the cooks how to cook Cajun and southern dishes. When a new hospital was being built in Galliano and was in need of a dietician, she applied and, without credentials, got the job. Working days and going to school in New Orleans at night, she received an associate degree in Food Preparation and remained working at the hospital for the next 26 years. She also published two cookbooks.

Later Life

Aline and Gillis Foret were married for 42 years. After Gillis's death in 1975, Aline resumed her love for cooking by preparing gourmet meals for private parties and friends. This is where she met her second love, Enest Pierce. This relationship lasted 24 years until the Enest died aged 97 in 2004. Foret drove her car until she was about 95, and was an active participant in an exercise program until she was 98, once being featured on a billboard advertising the value of keeping in good health.

Shortly after turning 103, Foret moved into an assisted living facility in Houma, Louisiana, near to where her daughter and grandchildren live. In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, Foret contracted COVID-19 at the age of 106. She had successfully recovered by the time of her 107th birthday in December, making her one of the oldest survivors of the disease.

Foret died in Houma, Louisiana, USA on 21 October 2021 at the age of 107 years, 313 days.