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Not to be confused with Amy Hulmes.
Amy Holmes
Amy Holmes
Birth: 10 April 1886
Death: 1 March 1998
Hillsdale, Michigan, USA
Age: 111 years, 325 days
Country: GermanyGERUnited StatesUSA

Amelia "Amy" Holmes (née Sakcriska; 10 April 1886 – 1 March 1998) was a German-American woman noted for her longevity. She was born in Germany as the daughter of John and Bertha Kneas Sakcriska and came to the USA as a child. The family settled in Michigan. She married Charles Edward Holmes in Lansing, Michigan on 17 April 1907. The couple had one daughter, Marion. She was widowed in 1960 and spent the rest of her life in Michigan. Amy Holmes died in Hillsdale, Michigan on 1 March 1998, aged 111 years, 325 days.