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Andrejs Kruklins
Andrejs Kruklins
Andrejs Kruklins as a young man.
Birth: 10 January 1891
Riga, Russian Empire (now in present-day Latvia)
Death: 30 November 2001?
Age: 110 years, 324 days?
Country: LatviaLAT

Andrejs Kruklins [Latvian: Andrejs Krūkliņš] (10 January 1891 – 30 November 2001) was a Latvian track and field athlete who competed for the Russian Empire in the 1912 Summer Olympics. If his age is true, he was the oldest man ever from Latvia.


Andrejs Kruklins was allegedly born in Riga, Russian Empire (now Latvia), on 10 January 1891. In 1912 he finished 5th in his semi-final heat of the 1500 metres competition and did not advance to the final. He also participated in the marathon event but was not able to finish the race. He died on 30 November 2001 at the claimed age of 110 years, 324 days.