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Andrew Small
Andrew Small
Small at the age of 104.
Birth: 26 December 1891
Austria-Hungary (present-day Ukraine)
Death: 31 January 2003
Weston, Wisconsin, United States
Age: 111 years, 36 days
Country: UkraineUKRUnited StatesUSA

Andrew Small (né Andrzej Small; 26 December 1891 – 31 January 2003) was a Ukrainian-born American supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Andrew Small was born as Andrzej Small in Ukraine (then Austria-Hungary) on 26 December 1891. He said he never met his father, and in later life he didn't remember his mother. Around the age of 19, he moved to the United States. He enlisted in the US Army on 14 December 1915. He was a sniper with the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. After the war started, he was sent to Germany, and later to Italy and France. He said there was a lot of trouble in Europe: I was hungry half the time. He was in the 6th Division. During the war, he also spent about 6 months in Mexico, under the command of the General John J. Pershing. He was officially discharged from the Army on 4 June 1920, and he resumed residence in Chicago and then moved to Wisconsin to farm.

At some point in his life, Small married Mary Kuczera (1896–1982) and had at least one son: Billy E. Small (1922–2017). During the 1999 interview, he was able to speak both Ukrainian and Polish.

Small died in Weston, Dunn County, Wisconsin, United States, on 31 January 2003, at the age of 111 years, 36 days. If validated, he would have been the third-oldest known living man in the United States (behind John McMorran and Fred Hale) at the time of his death.