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Anthony Hoffman
Anthony Hoffman
Birth: 22 September 1904
Killarney, Queensland, Australia
Death: 22 September 2011
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age: 107 years, 0 days
Country: AustraliaAUS

Anthony James Hoffman (22 September 1904 – 22 September 2011) was an Australian centenarian who was the oldest known living man in Australia at the time of his death.


Anthony Hoffman was born in Killarney, Queensland, Australia on 22 September 1904. He married a woman called Doris and had five children: Iris (now deceased), Edna, Keith, Alma, and Delle.

He became the oldest known living man in Australia, following the death of 107-year-old James Hope on 9 June 2011.

Anthony Hoffman died in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on his 107th birthday. At the time of his death, he had 16 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren, and 47 great-great-grandchildren.

Following his death, then-106-year-old Fred Lunghusen became the oldest known living man in Australia.


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