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Arved Tamm
Arved Tamm
Birth: 31 January 1910
Estonia (Russian Empire)
Death: 14 November 2017
Age: 107 years, 287 days
Country: EstoniaEST

Arved Tamm (31 January 1910 – 14 November 2017) was an Estonian centenarian who was the oldest living person in Estonia since the death of Elle Malberg on 16 December 2015 and oldest living man in Estonia since the death of Heinrich-Eduard Munti on 22 January 2014.


Tamm has, in his long and exciting years, worked as a farmer, photographer, ward, freight forwarder, market maker, brigadier, kiosk manager, and several other jobs. He was also the protagonist of his relative's (writer Heino Kiige's) seven-part romance series, the nominee genre Arve Jomm.

In 1910, when Arved Tamm was born, Peter I's memorial was opened on Vabaduse Square; Earth passed Halley's Comet's tail; Leo Tolstoy died; and VII General Song Festival was held in Tallinn. To the question of what is the most important event in his life, Tamm responded briefly: "Being married". According to him, this was the right thing. He remembers the Tsarist and Soviet times, the First and Second World Wars, the birth of the Republic of Estonia, and the restoration of independence.

The close friends of Arved Tamm knew that he was from a large family. Altogether he had 12 siblings, four of whom died a short time ago.

In 11 October 2017, when he reached the age of 107 years, 253 days, he surpassed the age of Juhan Kallaste (1891–1999) and became the oldest Estonian man ever.

Tamm died on 14 November 2017 at the age of 107 years, 287 days.


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