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Avelina Ruiz Hompanera
Avelina Ruiz Hompanera
Birth: 30 April 1914
Death: 29 June 2020
Valladolid, Castile and Leon, Spain
Age: 106 years, 60 days
Country: SpainESP

Teodora Avelina Ruiz Hompanera (30 April 1914 – 29 June 2020) was an Spanish centenarian who was one of the oldest known survivors of COVID-19. After recovering from the virus in May 2020, she died one month later.


Ruiz Hompanera was born in Spain on 30 April 1914. She had at least one son: Angel Duque.

Ruiz Hompanera contracted COVID-19 so asymptomatic in April 2020. She recovered in May 2020, making her one of the oldest known survivors of the disease. However, she died of undisclosed causes one month later on 29 June 2020 at the age of 106 years, 60 days. She was survived by one son Angel Duque; nephews and nieces Maria, Yolanda, Carmen, Inmaculada, Francisco, Ana, Eliseo and other relatives.