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Bartholomew Johnson
Bartholomew Johnson
Birth: 3 October 1710
England, UK
Death: 14 February 1814
Wykeham, Scarborough, England, UK
Age: 103 years, 127 days
Country: United Kingdom UK

Bartholomew Johnson (3 October 1710 – 14 February 1814) was an English cellist and centenarian, the second person verified to reach the age of 103, after Ferdinand Ashmall, and was at the time of his death the oldest person ever at the age of 103 years, 127 days. His record would later be surpassed by Lorenzo Malori.


Bartholomew Johnson was born in England, UK on 3 October 1710. Around 1770, he appeared as a cello soloist in London and was for 70 years one of the 'town waits'.

Bartholomew Johnson died in Wykeham, Scarborough, England, UK on 14 February 1814 at the age of 103 years, 127 days.