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Billafunda (Siddha) Sayadaw U.Kowida
Wizzardo Sayadaw U.Kowida
Birth: 908?
Moksobo, Myanmar
Age: 1112 years, 333 days+?
Country: MyanmarMMR
Longevity myth

Billafunda (Siddha) Sayadaw U.Kowida (allegedly born 908/968?) is a Burmese man longevity claimant who claims to be 1113/1053 years old, making this longevity myth one of the most extreme modern claim known.


Siddha claimed to have been born in the year 908 in Moksobo, Myanmar. He became a Buddhist monk at the Newthar Monastery and in 1027 he became an Iron Weizzar through the teaching of his Master Ariya Siddha Ashin Upagote (alive during the 11th century). He said that he went through a fire transformation ceremony to achieve his immortality.

U.Kowida claims also that he is able to do alchemical transformation which is able to archive certain levels of enlightenment. There are also rumors that his supporters also lives a hundreds of years old.

A source from 2007 says that he was actually born in 968 to U. Thar Aung and Daw Yin May which would make him 1053 years old, still one of most extreme modern claims known.


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