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Bojan Accetto
Bojan Accetto
Birth: 4 September 1922
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Death: 26 July 2007
Age: 84 years, 325 days
Country: SloveniaSVN

Bojan Accetto (4 September 1922 – 26 July 2007) was a Slovenian physician, the founder of gerontology in Slovenia.


Bojan Accetto was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 4 September 1922. He was a professor of internal medicine and of social gerontology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana since 1977. He established the institute for gerontology and geriatry in 1966. He explored the solidification of blood and thrombosis. He wrote "Starost in staranje" (Age and Ageing) - in 1986. For his efforts, he received the Kidrič prize in 1958.

On 25 October 2006, Janez Drnovšek awarded prof. dr. Bojan Accetto Golden Order of Merit for his life's work in the fields of Slovenian gerontology, medical geriatrics and interdisciplinary social gerontology. His son, Rok Accetto, is a Slovenian cardiologist.

Bojan Accetto passed away in Slovenia on 26 July 2007 at the age of 84 years. In the autumn of 2010, a bust of him was erected in front of the former geriatric clinic in Trnovo.