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Bozo Colovic
Bozo Colovic
Birth: 7 January 1909
Jugovo, Pljevlja, Principality of Montenegro (now Montenegro)
Death: 6 December 2018
Pljevlja, Montenegro
Age: 109 years, 333 days
Country: MontenegroMNE

Bozo Colovic(Serbian: Божо Чоловић] (7 January 1909 – 6 December 2018) was a Montenegrin centenarian who was the oldest known living person in Montenegro at the time of his death. He is also the oldest known man who ever died in Montenegro, and the second oldest man in the history of Montenegro (Jovan Jovanovic was older). He was also the oldest Montenegrin ever.


Colovic was born in the village of Jugovo, municipality of Pljevlja, Principality of Montenegro (now Montenegro) on 7 January 1909 in a wealthy family. His father kept over 1,000 goats and sheep. He had 12 servants.

All peasant property was lost during World War II. There are 200 sheep and goats in the household of Colovic, there are five left, one from seven to 10 cows, one from four horses, none from three pairs of oxen.

He married Darinka in 1936:

She was beautiful and too young to marry, 14 years younger than him, but they gave it to him because he was a tailor. Then the priest, the teacher, the tailor and the forester in the village were everything. In 1937, his father bought a large plot of land next to the hospital in Pljevlja, where he built a house.

He earned his pension by working as a tailor. He talked about how people looked at suits at fairs and said: Bozo sewed this, this is not, because his work stood out with precision and beauty.

His wife died 17 years before him. Her departure was hard for him, but the laws of nature are relentless. At the time of his death, grandfather Bozo had: six grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren.

His recipe for a long life is moderate in everything. In eating, drinking, work, joy and sorrow, but, he says, genetics is still crucial. Every morning he made tea for himself, then drank a glass of homemade brandy without water and only then ate something.

He and his wife Darinka educated four children: Srećko, Radoje, Nevenka and Milenko. Three sons graduated from college, and daughters from economics, and Radoje from medicine. His son Radoje Colovic became a surgeon, professor at the Belgrade Medical Faculty and a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and president of the Serbian Medical Association.


During the time of the Turks, his grandfather taught him trade in Pljevlja near Radovic and then he understood the importance of literacy. Until 1918, they had a private teacher in the village of Jugovo. The following year, a school was opened in the neighboring village of Gotovusa, which he attended, and when his father Anto returned from captivity in 1924, he enrolled him in the tailoring trade in Pljevlja with Jevrem Jakic.


Grandpa Bozo remembered the day when he was in the army of all ten bullets (five test and five for shooting), each hit in the center and hence precision and perfectionism.

Then, lieutenant Marijan Josic enthusiastically took 50 dinars out of his pocket and gave it to him. It was so valuable that he could eat in the canteen for two months - this grandfather said, remembering King Alexander who visited them at the time during maneuvers in the army.

And his father lived for more than a hundred years, and his brothers lived to a very old age.

Colovic died in Pljevlja, Montenegro on 6 December 2018 at the age of 109 years, 333 days, just a month before his 110th birthday.