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Bror Larsson
Bror Larsson
Birth: 25 July 1914
Kungsbacka, Halland County, Sweden
Age: 107 years, 347 days
Country: SwedenSWE

Bror Tolver Larsson (born 25 July 1914) is a Swedish centenarian who is currently the oldest known living man born in Sweden. He is also the oldest known person living in Halland County and the second-oldest known man living in Sweden, behind Pawel Frydman.


Bror Larsson was born in Kungsbacka, Halland County, Sweden on 25 July 1914, the youngest of 12 children. His eldest brother was named Helge.

When World War II began in 1939, he served in the military for two and a half years.

He worked as a construction worker, lumberjack and in herring fishing. He also worked a chef on his father's boat.

Larsson has been married twice. During his marriage to Ingrid, he had two children: Bosse (born 1951) and Marianne (born 1956).

He has tattoos on his arms. He became the oldest known living person with tattoo, following the death of Jack Reynolds on 25 April 2020.[citation needed]

He became the oldest known living man born in Sweden, following the death of either Goesta Vestlund or Goesta Berggren on 5 October 2020 (their precise times of death are unclear).

He became the oldest known person living in Halland County, following the death of Ellen Pettersson on 2 October 2021.

Larsson currently lives in Vallda, Halland County, Sweden, at the age of 108 years, 17 days. He now lives in a retirement home, but three times a week he visits his previous home - a farm where his son currently lives.