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Carmen Pastenes
Birth: 16 July 1800?
Arauco, Arauco Province, Captaincy General of Chile (now Chile)
Death: 29 March 1933
Chuquicamata, Antofagasta Region, Chile
Age: 132 years, 256 days?
Country: ChileCHL
Longevity myth

Carmen Pastenes (16 July 1800? – 29 March 1933) was a Chilean longevity myth and war soldier who claimed lived to be 133 years old, although this has not been confirmed.


Pastenes claimed to have been born in Arauco, Arauco Province, Captaincy General of Chile (now Chile) on 16 July 1800 to unknown parents. She had at least one son.

She fought in the War of the Pacific in 1880/1881 at the claimed age of 80 because her son wanted him to, trying to hide the fact she was a woman. When her son died, she stayed in the Chilean Army, until she was wounded. Then her real sex was discovered and was given a job as a bartender. In 1917, she settled in a different part of Chile until her death.

Pastenes died in Chuquicamata, Antofagasta Region, Chile on 29 March 1933 at the claimed age of 132 years, 256 days. At her death, she claimed the oldest person ever, last person from the 18th century by at least 24 years, and the first supercentenarian by 88 years.