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Carrie Cook
Carrie Cook
Carrie Cook in 1967.
Birth: 5 February 1876
Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 31 May 1986
Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Age: 110 years, 115 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Carrie Cook (née Knowles; 5 February 1876 – 31 May 1986) was a verified American supercentenarian.


She was born as Carrie Dyer Knowles in Provincetown, Massachusetts on 5 February 1876 as the daughter of George and Georgia Dyer Knowles. Her mother lived to be 102. Her father was the owner of a whaling fleet in Provincetown, called the Knowles Wharf. One of the boats was named after Carrie. The whaler Carrie D. Knowles also became famous due to it having disappeared with crew and everything during a whaling trip in 1904.

Knowles married her husband Irving Cook in Provincetown, Massachusetts on 14 June 1899. The couple would have four children together, of which 3 were alive at the time of Carrie's passing. Youngest daughter Katharine died in 1984, aged 72. The other 3 were: Georgia (1900–1998; died at age 97), Hilda (1903–2004; died at age 100) and Barbara (1907–2000; died at age 93).

Later in life, Cook would participate in several interviews regarding her father, the Knowles Wharf and the mysterious disappearance of her namesake.

Carrie Cook died in Barnstable, Massachusetts on 31 May 1986 at the age of 110 years, 115 days.