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Carrie White
Carrie White
Carrie C. White in 1990.
Birth: August 1888?
Havana, Gadsden County, Florida
Death: 14 February 1991
Palatka, Putnam County, Florida
Age: 102 years?
Country: United StatesUSA

Carrie C. White (née Joyner; (she preferred to be referred to as Laura Oliver during her stay at the hospital) August 1888? (claimed 18 November 1874) - 14 February 1991) was an American supercentenarian claimant, who was thought to be the oldest living person in 1989 when she was verified to be older than Jeanne Calment (born 1875) who was believed to be the oldest person living. It was also thought that she was holding the title since 1988. Carrie had been institutionalised since a nervous breakdown in 1909, about the time of her divorce. Her documentation was described as impeccable at the time, but later research has called this into doubt. Family tree reconstitution based on her sister's name being Marie Harden (née Joyner) has debunked White's claim to 116 years, 88 days to 102 years old instead.


Carrie C. White claimed to have been born on 18 November 1874, in Havana, Florida, but later moved to Marion County, Florida, along with her sister, Marie. She had stated in the past that she had many brothers and sisters, and taught piano. She loved children, and was a kind woman. She married John E. White on 7 September 1907, and on 18 November 1909, after suffering a bout of typhoid fever, angrily brandished her arms, and exclaimed that "someone was harming the twins", though she and John had no children. She then proceeded to threaten to harm herself, resulting in her being admitted to Florida State Hospital the next day.


Carrie was very withdrawn, and very eccentric. On one occasion, during her claimed 116th birthday party, she was angered that Marjorie Allen, her caretaker, pulled her hat up to make her look at a photographer. She replied with, "Quit pulling my hat off, damn you," and said it 3 times, even after Marjorie had stopped.

She also thought of the facilities she stayed at as her home.