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Daniel Armengol Millat
Daniel Armengol Millat
Birth: 27 May 1915
La Massana, Andorra
Death: 26 January 2019
Age: 103 years, 244 days
Country: AndorraAND

Daniel Armengol Millat (27 May 1915 – 26 January 2019) was an Andorran centenarian and most likely the oldest known man ever from Andorra unless the incomplete case of Lluis Pifarre Gasset who died at 104 is true.


Daniel Armengol Millat was born on 27 May 1915 in La Massana, Andorra. His mother was Concepcio Millat Minoves. He had at least one sister, Maria Armengol Millat (born 1912). He married Josefina Mora Pasquet. In 1940, he entered the police force and worked there for almost 40 years, until retirement in 1979.

After he turned 100 years old, he was honored by the commune of La Massana. The consuls of La Massana, David Baro and Raul Ferre, went to congratulate him.

Millat died in the morning of 26 January 2019 at the age of 103 years, 244 days.