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Devraha Baba
Devraha Baba
Birth: 1740?
Death: 19 May 1990
Uttar Pradesh, India
Age: 250 years?
Country: IndiaIND
Longevity myth

Devraha Baba (between 1090 and 1740? - 19 May 1990) was an Indian siddha yogi who according to some of his disciples would have an estimated age of at least 250 years and according to others even about 1000.


Devraha Baba was an Indian Siddha Yogi saint who lived beside the Yamuna river in Mathura. He was known as "ageless Yogi". At the half of the 20th century he visited Maiel a town at south west of Salempur, Deoria Uttar Pradesh.

Some people were saying that Devraha could stay hours under water and that he could understand the language of animals. He was always semi-naked, his intimate organs were covered by a huge wooden beam and he wore a small deerskin coat.

According to Dr. Prasad Baba, Baba was "over 150 years old" but many people claim he is actually over 250, this grants him the nickname "ageless yogi".