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Dora Olafsdottir
Dora Olafsdottir
Birth: 6 July 1912
Grýtubakkahreppur, Iceland
Age: 109 years, 153 days
Country: Iceland ISL

Dora Olafsdottir [Icelandic: Dóra Ólafsdóttir] (born 6 July 1912) is an Icelandic centenarian who is the oldest living person in Iceland and second-oldest Icelandic non-emigrant ever.


Dora Olafsdottir was born in Grýtubakkahreppur, Iceland on 6 July 1912. For 40 years, she was a telephonist in Akureyri and lived at Norðurgata street along with her husband, Þóri Áskelsson, a sailor. They were also gardeners. Thorir was an enthusiast of the Icelandic language and a friend of the poet David Stefánsson.

Olafsdottir said in an interview that she attributes her longevity to healthy food and exercise. She became the oldest living person in Iceland after the death of Jensina Andresdottir on 18 April 2019.

In late December 2020 at age 108, Olafsdottir received the COVID-19 vaccine.


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