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Elena Bordeian
Elena Bordeian
Birth: 13 April 1898?
Russian Empire (present-day Moldova)
Death: 27 February 2010
Cosauti, Soroca, Moldova
Age: 111 years, 320 days?
Country: MoldovaMOL

Elena Bordeian (13 April 1898? – 27 February 2010) was a Moldovan supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Elena claimed to had a difficult life. Communists deported her family and her to Siberia. The Soviets considered the members of her family as „enemies of the nation”, because they had their own oil mill. She spent her childhood in Trifauti, today district of Soroca. After that, she married and lived for some time in the village of Tepilova. For more than 50 years, she lived in the village of Cosauti.

She had two daughters and one son. She outlived all of her children. Her last child, Claudia, died a few months prior to Elena's claimed 110th birthday.

Elena died on 27 February 2010 in the village of Cosauti, Soroca, Moldova at the claimed age of 111 years, 320 days.