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Elena Valdez Higoy
Elena Valdez Higoy
Valdez Higoy in August 2018 at the claimed age of 113.
Birth: 22 July 1905?
Death: 29 January 2022
San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
Age: 116 years, 191 days?
Country: PhilippinesPHL
Longevity claimant

Elena Valdez Higoy (22 July 1905? – 29 January 2022) was a Filipino longevity claimant. If her claimed age is true, she would have been the oldest person ever in the Philippines, and the third-oldest living person in the world (behind Kane Tanaka, and Lucile Randon) at the time of her death.


Elena Valdez Higoy claimed to have been born in the Philippines, on 22 July 1905. She celebrated her claimed 114th birthday in July 2019.

Valdez Higoy died in Sevilla, in the city of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines on 29 January 2022, at the claimed age of 116 years, 191 days.