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Elizabeth Maloka
Elizabeth Maloka
Elizabeth in May 2010, with South African president, Jacob Zuma.
Birth: 1 January 1902?
South Africa
Death: 13 January 2014
Zamdela, Sasolburg, South Africa
Age: 112 years, 12 days?
Country: South AfricaZAF

Gogo Elizabeth Maloka (née Thedingway; 1 January 1901?/1902? - 13 January 2014) was a South African supercentenarian claimant.


Elizabeth Maloka claimed to have been born on 1 January 1901/1902. She was first featured in the People’s Paper when she turned 107. She was visited by South African president Jacob Zuma in May 2010. Elizabeth Maloka passed away in Zamdela outside Sasolburg in the Free State, South Africa at the claimed age of 112/113 years and 12 days.

Skeptics note that a claimed birthdate of 1 January is often an example of "age heaping", or a rounded age.