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Elzira Rogelin
Elzira Rogelin
Rogelin at the claimed age of 115
Birth: 13 September 1893?
Marau, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Death: 22 August 2009
Concordia, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Age: 115 years, 343 days?
Country: BrazilBRA
Longevity claimant

Elzira Rogelin (13 September 1893? – 22 August 2009) was a Brazilian supercentenarian and claimant to the "World’s Oldest Person" title whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Rogelin claimed birth on 13 September 1893 in Marau, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, as the daughter of Francisco de Mello and Maria da R. dos Santos. She later married and had a daughter, Irene. In June 2009, at the alleged age of 115, she underwent a surgery.

Rogelin died on 22 August 2009 in Concordia, Santa Catarina, Brazil, at the claimed age of 115 years, 343 days. If her claim were validated, she would have been the world’s oldest person from the 2 January 2009 death of Portugal’s Maria de Jesus until her own death.