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Evdokia Treteykina
Evdokia Treteykina
Evdokia at 112
Birth: 9 January 1905?
Russian Empire (now Belarus)
Death: 7 February 2019
Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia
Age: 114 years, 29 days?
Country: BelarusBLRRussiaRUS

Evdokia Timofeevna Treteykina (Russian: Евдокия Тимофеевна Третейкина; 9 January 1905? – 7 February 2019) was a Russian supercentenarian claimant whose claim is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). If her claimed age were true, she could be the oldest person who passed away in Russia.


Evdokia Treteykina claimed to have been born in a small village in Belarus (then part of Russian Empire) on 9 January 1905. She lived in a Belarusian village during German invasion to the USSR during WWII. Her first husband was killed at the front. She had no children. In a neighboring village, a kilometer away from her village, the Germans shot and killed a woman. Her future husband came to Evdokia with his three children and asked her to marry him and to leave a country together. When a youngest son served in the army and went to Stalinsk (now Novokuznetsk), his parents went after him. She worked as a nurse in the city for 20 years. For many years of diligent work she was repeatedly awarded with diplomas. She had a medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War", the title of worker of the rear and a veteran of labor.

Until the fall of 2015, she walked through the city on her own, made purchases and without difficulty went up to the fifth floor. In 2015, she went to store and fell. She was taken to the hospital due to a fracture of the shoulder and a severe bruise of the right arm, but in the intensive care ward, she recovered. After she returned home, she said "I will live with God's help."

In January 2017, she had 6 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren and 8 great-great-grandchildren. Evdokia Treteykina told to reporters that she did not have a special longevity secret, but she did exercised every morning and prefered fresh natural products, vegetables, greens and milk porridge.

Treteykina passed away in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia, on 7 February 2019 at 06:20 PM, at the claimed age of 114 years, 29 days.