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Fadilah Noor Abbe
Fadilah Noor Abbe
Birth: 1897?
Sumatra, Indonesia
Death: 2012
Bedok, East Region, Singapore
Age: 115 years, 0+ days?
Country: IndonesiaIDNSingaporeSGP
Longevity claimant

Fadilah Noor Abbe (1897? — 2012) was an Indonesian-Singaporean longevity claimant who died at the claimed age of 115 years in 2012.


Born in Sumatra, Indonesia, Fadilah's family moved from Indonesia to Singapore when she was a child. Fadilah outlived her six siblings as well as her three children. She had been claimed to be the oldest person that lived in Singapore, with her identity card showing her as being born in 1897.

In early 2007, a doctor found cataracts in Fadilah's eyes during a routine visit for her high blood pressure - her only other health problem then- but due to her fear of surgery, Fadilah refused to have them removed, until her great-grandson, Muhammad, persuaded her to go for the operation. Fadilah's case was brought attention to after the death of 113-year old Teresa Hsu Chih. Fadilah also had a brush with pneumonia in mid-2011.

Noor Abbe died in 2012 at the claimed age of 115 years. Before her death, Fadilah lived in Bedok with two of her great-grandchildren and a granddaughter. According to the Singapore Book of Records, the oldest person in Singapore's history was Yam Karicho, who died on 30 August 1977 at the age claimed of 114.