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Fikrije Loki
Fikrije Loki
Birth: 10 January 1914
Kingdom of Serbia, (present-day Kosovo)
Age: 108 years, 136 days
Country: KosovoKOSMacedoniaMKD

Fikrije Loki (born 10 January 1914) is a Macedonian centenarian who is currently the oldest known living person in Macedonia.


Fikrije Loki was born on the territory of Kosovo (then the Kingdom of Serbia) on 10 January 1914. she went through many hardships - wars, extreme poverty, displacement, loneliness, loss of loved ones, even a child, the eldest son, but the struggle and the will for a better tomorrow keeps her alive. He now has 12 grandchildren, of three sons. One of the boys was a stonecutter and died of cancer in Denmark, where his wife and children now live, and her daughter is married in Kalnik in Gostivar. The 107-year-old now lives with her youngest son Raim Lokin in a large three-story building in Tetovo. His wife and three children are in Switzerland, while he returned to take care of his long-lived mother. Her son says that Fikrije was both a man and a woman in the family. After she and her husband came to Macedonia from Kosovo in 1956, they took care of the children together, but he died seven years later and since then, since 1963, the entire burden of the house and family has fallen on her shoulders. She never gave up. she says that God protected her because she "knew she was doing the best for everyone."

She lives in Tetovo, Macedonia at the age of 108 years, 136 days.