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Geza Penzes
Geza Penzes
Geza Penzes at the age of 106.
Birth: 19 August 1866
Papateszer, Veszprem, Austria-Hungary (present-day Hungary)
Death: 23 October 1972
Papa, Veszprém, Hungary
Age: 106 years, 65 days
Country: HungaryHUN

Geza Penzes [Hungarian: Pénzes Géza] (19 August 1866 – 23 October 1972) was a Hungarian centenarian who was the oldest living man in Hungary at the time of his death.


Pénzes was born in Pápateszér, Austria-Hungary (present-day Hungary) on 19 August 1866 to Domonkos Pénzes and Karolina Szende.

Beginning in his teenage years, Pénzes worked as a shoemaker in all his life. He got awards for his products at different exhibitions in Vienna. He was married for three years with his first wife, 15 years with his second and 39 years with his third. In total, he had nine children, and outlived at least three of them.

As a centenarian, Pénzes was living with one of his daughters and her husband in the town of Pápa. He lost his eyesight at age 89 due to cataracta, and also was hard of hearing, but otherwise he was in good health. At the age of 104, he had 12 grandchildren and and 20 great-grandchildren.

In the 1970 Census, researchers found five people born in 1866, who were the oldest living people in the country. However, Pénzes was the only male among them, thus he was the oldest living man in Hungary for more than two years.

Géza Pénzes died in Pápa, Veszprém, Hungary on 23 October 1972 at the age of 106 years, 65 days.


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