Gisela Metreweli

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Gisela Metreweli
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Gisela Metreweli

Birth: 10 October 1893
Landsberg am Lech, Kingdom of Bavaria
Death: 31 July 2004
Weichs, Bavaria, Germany
Age: 110 years, 295 days

Gisela Metreweli (10 October 1893 – 31 July 2004) was a verified German supercentenarian who lived to be 110 years, 295 days.


Gisela Metreweli was born in Landsberg am Lech on 10 October 1893. She was the youngest of 5 siblings, that were raised in a lawyer’s family. After the passing of her father the family moved to Munich, where Metreweli spent her childhood. She was sent to a finishing school in Beuerberg but never learned a profession. She moved back to Munich in 1920, where she was married to a Georgian-born student called Artchil Metreweli although the couple was not welcomed by her family. The couple moved to Berlin where they had a son and a daughter. After her husband passed away in 1967, Metreweli and her children moved back to Munich. Metreweli survived also both of her children: her daughter died aged 28, her son aged 74.

At age 110, she was able to speak French and Italian fluently what she learned by school but also by travelling. Metreweli traced her longevity to enjoy exquisite food and dry champagne or wine, but also travelling a lot and being interested in art and culture.

On 31 July 2004, Metreweli passed away at age 110 years, 295 days. She was preceded in death by 2 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren and her daughter-in-law.


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