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Godelieve Voet
Godelieve Voet
Birth: 7 October 1914
Steenkerke, West Flanders, Belgium
Age: 107 years, 311 days
Country: BelgiumBEL

Godelieve Marie Voet (born 7 October 1914) is a Belgian centenarian who is one of the oldest known survivors of COVID-19, having recovered from the disease around the time of her 106th birthday in 2020.


Voet was born on 7 October 1914 in Steenkerke, West Flanders, Belgium. She was one of six children. After the First World War, her parents moved to a rebuilt farm in nearby Kaaskerke. Voet lived there until the mid-1940s, when she married her husband, Marcel Pauwels. The couple had two children: Monique and Daniel. They were married until Marcel's death in 1987.

In 1994, Voet moved to Lo-Reninge, West Flanders, Belgium, where she lived independently until the age of 101. In 2016, she moved into a nursing home in Ypres, West Flanders. In July 2017, Voet rode in a hot air balloon along with her 95-year-old brother Gerard. In July 2019, she travelled by train to Lourdes, France, recreating the journey she made on her honeymoon in 1950.

COVID-19 Survival

In September 2020, Voet contracted COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic. She became weakened, suffered from dizziness, and had a fever. She was taken to hospital and spent a short time on a respirator in the intensive care unit. Despite medical staff thinking she might not survive, Voet successfully recovered and was released from hospital on 12 October, five days after her 106th birthday.

In early 2021, Voet received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. In March 2021, shortly after receiving her second dose, she moved out of her nursing home and back into her own home in Lo-Reninge, West Flanders, Belgium. She lives close to her grandson and is visited regularly by her two children, three grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

On 13 April 2022, Voet assisted a concert of the Belgian singer Dana Winner.

She is currently the second-oldest known living person in West Flanders, behind Julia Meulemeester.