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Gunborg Hancock
Gunborg Hancock
Gunborg Hancock at age 102.
Birth: 20 April 1912
Uusimaa, Russian Empire (now Finland)
Age: 109 years, 231 days
Country: FinlandFINSwedenSWE

Gunborg Marita Hancock (born 20 April 1912) is a Finnish-born Swedish centenarian.


Gunborg Hancock was born in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland on 20 April 1912.

She was a member of the Swedish speaking minority and her first husband died in Winter War. She fled Finland in 1944 when the Germans entered the country and settled in Stockholm. She worked as typograph, lived for a while in Paris and London but later returned to Stockholm.

Gunborg Hancock currently lives in Lilla Essingen, Stockholm, Sweden. She is currently the second-oldest living Finnish-born person, after Astrid Qvist and the third-oldest living person in Sweden, after Flarid Lagerlund and Ingrid Svensson.