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Gunnel Stenback
Gunnel Stenback
Stenback at the age of 100
Birth: 21 September 1914
Lumparland, Aland Islands
Age: 107 years, 327 days
Country: Aland Islands (Finland)ALA,FinlandFINFinlandFIN

Gunnel Margareta Stenback [Swedish: Stenbäck] (born 21 September 1914) is a centenarian from the Finnish autonomous region of Aland Islands.


Gunnel Stenback was born in Lumparland, Aland Islands on 21 September 1914. Her parents were Paul Sivard Stenback and Hulda Cecilia Sofia Isaksson. Her father was a priest. She moved to Helsinki in 1934 at the age of 20. She worked as a deacon, studied to be a licentiate in political science, and traveled around the world. She traveled to nearly 50 countries: exploring the care of the mentally handicapped or later retired all on their own for fun. She worked as a traveling nurse in the bakery of the city of Helsinki In Hermann and as a deacon of the Swedish-speaking congregation in Sornainen. She graduated as a deacon in 1938. She worked e.g. As the superintendent of the Slope Home and the director of the Deaconess Institute. She began his university studies at the age of about 50 and graduated with a licentiate degree in political science in 1969.

Gunnel Stenback lives currently in Helsinki, Finland. She is currently the oldest known living woman born in Aland Islands.