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Harry Moore
Harry Moore
Moore at the claimed age of 108
Birth: 26 February 1816?
Kingston, Jamaica
Death: 5 May 1926
Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Age: 110 years, 68 days?
Country: JamaicaJAMAustraliaAUS
Longevity claimant

Henry 'Harry' Moore (26 February 1816? – 5 May 1926) was a Jamaican-born Australian supercentenarian claimant.


Moore claimed to have been born on February 26, 1816 in Kingston, Jamaica. He left Jamaica in 1836, spending some years at sea before arriving in New Zealand. He finally settled in Port Melbourne, Australia, in 1847, residing there until his death in 1926. Following his arrival in Australia, he found employment as a cook on various ships and private yachts.

Moore joined the Victorian Naval Brigade in 1868, and Royal Naval Reserve in 1871. He resigned in August 1891, at the claimed age of 75. In his centenarian years, he was still able to walk with the aid of a stick, taking daily walks along the seafront.

Moore died on 5 May 1926, at the claimed age of 110 years, 68 days. If he was indeed the age claimed, then at the time of his death, he would have been the oldest living man in the world, and the second recorded male supercentenarian, after Geert Adriaans Boomgaard.