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Henry Jenkins
Henry Jenkins
Birth: 1501?
Bolton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire, English Kingdom (now UK)
Death: 6/9 December 1670
English Kingdom (now UK)
Age: 169 years?
Country: EnglandENG,United Kingdom UK
Longevity myth

Henry Jenkins (1501? – 6/9 December 1670) was an English longevity myth who claimed to have lived to the age of 169.


Henry Jenkins claimed to have been born in Bolton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire, English Kingdom (now UK) in 1501, he was described as "a very old and poor man" because he lived a very simple life working as a fisherman during his youth and begging in his old age. When asked what wars he remembered during his long life, he said he witnessed the Battle of Flodden Field and had the important task of bringing arrows to the English archers.

Jenkins died in English Kingdom (now UK) between 6 or 9 December 1670 at the claimed age of 169 years.


After his death between 6 or 9 December 1670 there were many monuments and written sources regarding his age, including the commemorative plaque with his name engraved, a portrait and a memorial.


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