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Ilka Pandza
Ilka Pandza
Birth: 26 December 1914
Mostar, Austria-Hungary (now Bosna and Herzegovina)
Death: 23 July 2021
Mostar, Bosna and Herzegovina
Age: 106 years, 209 days
Country: Bosnia and HerzegovinaBIH

Ilka Pandza [Bosnian: Илка Панџа] (26 December 1914 – 23 July 2021) was a centenarian from Bosnia and Herzegovina who was the second-oldest known living person in Bosnia and Herzegovina, behind Ajka Lokmic at the time of her death.


Pandza was born in Mostar, Austria-Hungary (now Bosna and Herzegovina) on 26 December 1914. She was nine years old and had a younger sister when their mother died.

Her father later remarried and had children with another woman.

Like all Herzegovinian girls at that time, Ilka went to "rent" at the age of 14, that is, to work for rich families in order to earn money.

After working for rich families, grandmother Ilka started working in the then Mostar tobacco factory and stayed there until she retired, Fenix-magazine reported last year.

Ilka married her chosen one Karl when she was 27 years old.

He was four years younger than her and worked on the railroad. Together they had five children (four daughters and a son) and created a warm home.

In the meantime, she became a grandmother, great-grandmother and great-grandmother.

She lived in the Rastani [Bosnian: Raštani] neighborhood in Mostar, and was happy to recount the days of her youth. At the age of 96, she walked from Mostar to Medjugorje, and walked about 30 kilometers.

Pandza did all the hard work in the field during her life. Like all Herzegovinian women of her time, she kept animals, made homemade cheese, cream, butter.

Her favorite foods were bread and milk, and in her 107 years she never drank milk from a tetrapack, but exclusively homemade.

Pandza died in Mostar, Bosna and Herzegovina on 23  July 2021 at the age of 106 years, 209 days.