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Ilse Weiszfeld
Ilse Weiszfeld
Birth: 16 October 1904
Vienna, Austria
Death: 22 April 2017
Ile-de-France, France
Age: 112 years, 188 days
Country: AustriaAUTFranceFRA

Ilse Weiszfeld (née Russ; 16 October 1904 – 22 April 2017) was a validated Austrian-French supercentenarian.


Ilse Weiszfeld was born as Ilse Russ in Vienna, Austria on 16 October 1904. She was a daughter of a liquor seller at a coach stop in Schönbrunn and a stallion for dairy products on the Naschmarkt. She grew up on Märzstrasse. In 1928 she married Fritz Weiszfeld, who was a dashing amateur soccer player. Four years later they moved to Paris, France. Later they managed to get their family to France to flee antiseminism. When Hitler's troops marched into France in 1940, the family broke into the so-called free zone. This zone remained unoccupied until 1942 and was exclusively subject to the French collaboration regime. After the liberation of France, Ilse, who in Vienna "preferred to look at babies in the park than to go to school", gave birth to her second child in Paris in 1946, her son Alain. Ilse and Fritz created a company, "Le Fleuron" (the showpiece), which was to cause a sensation with women's underwear and later even with the first bodysuits.

Ilse Weiszfeld died in Ile-de-France, Paris, France on 22 April 2017 at the age of 112 years and 188 days. She is the oldest verified Austrian-born person ever. At the time of her death she was the oldest living person born in Austria and the fourth-oldest person living in France. Her daughter Monique was a retired university professor.

On 22 April 2021 her age was surpassed by anonymous woman known as L. P..