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Ines Sommovigo
Ines Sommovigo
Sommovigo at the age of 108 in June 2020
Birth: 6 November 1911
La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
Age: 110 years, 78 days
Country: Italy ITA

Ines Sommovigo (born 6 November 1911) is an Italian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She is one of the oldest known survivors of COVID-19, having recovered from the disease at the age of 109.


Ines Sommovigo was born on 6 November 1911 in La Spezia, Liguria, Italy. She was married to Renzo Majoli. Their first child died at the age of four due to being given the wrong injection. They had at least two other children, sons Angelo and Mario.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Sommovigo learned to use a tablet to have video calls with her relatives. Sometime after her 109th birthday, Sommovigo contracted COVID-19. She successfully recovered, making her one of the oldest known survivors of the disease.

In November 2021, Sommovigo celebrated her 110th birthday. She was visited by the mayor of La Spezia, Pierluigi Peracchini.

Sommovigo currently lives in La Spezia, Liguria, Italy, at the age of 110 years, 78 days. She currently is the oldest known living person in Liguria, Italy.