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Isabel Gomes Sarmento
Isabel Gomes Sarmento
Birth: 27 December 1910
Rua, Moimenta da Beira, Viseu District, Portugal
Age: 111 years, 27 days
Country: PortugalPOR

Isabel Gomes Sarmento (born 27 December 1910) is a Portuguese supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Isabel Gomes Sarmento was born in Moimenta da Beira, Viseu District, Portugal on 27 December 1910, the daughter of Ayres Gomes Sarmento and Maria Candida Gomes, who emigrated to Acre, Brazil, where her brother Francisco was born. Her parents got married in 1900 in the parish of Rua, Moimenta da Beira.

Her father died of lung problems when she was seven years old. Some time later, her mother returned to Vide, with Isabel and Francisco, where three more children were waiting for them, Manuel, Carlos and Luis who lived with an aunt.

She attended school, enough to learn to read and write. She worked as a seamstress. She married Antonio Gomes Cardia, who worked a tailor and a bricklayer. The couple had five children: four daughters and one son.

Two of children died prematurely: Ayres, who was named after her father, aged four, and Esther, aged 18, with paralysis thought to be caused by a stroke. Her husband Antonio died at the age of 73. Her daughters Otilia and Gorete took her to Switzerland, but she didn't adapt and returned to Portugal.

In December 2020, she celebrated her 110th birthday. As of December 2021, she has three living daughters: Maria Candida (who lives in Brazil), Otilia and Gorete, 16 among grandchildren and great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter

Gomes Sarmento currently lives in Vila da Rua, Moimenta da Beira, Viseu, Portugal, at the age of 111 years, 27 days. She currently is the oldest known living person in Viseu District and the second-oldest known living person in Portugal, behind Maria da Encarnacao Sousa.