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Jan Duminy
Jan Duminy
Jan Duminy on his 109th birthday.
Birth: 13 November 1904
South Africa
Death: 11 August 2014
Riversdale, Western Cape, South Africa
Age: 109 years, 271 days
Country: South AfricaZAF

Jan Duminy (13 November 1904 – 11 August 2014) was a South African centenarian who was one of the oldest men in South Africa and the world when he died.


Jan Duminy was born in South Africa on 13 November 1904. He never married, but stated that he treated ladies with respect.

Jan was living in a nursing home in Riversdale, South Africa from 1987 until his death. On his 109th birthday, he said he did not really want to see his 110th birthday because he wanted to go to heaven and "meet his creator". He was walking around with a walking stick at the age of 109, but he had some sight and hearing problems. Jan's secret to a long life was his faith in his creator.

Jan Duminy died on 11 August 2014 at the age of 109 years, 271 days.