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Jean-Marie Robine, validator of Jeanne Calment's age.

Jean-Marie Francois Eugene Frederic Robine (born 16 June 1951 Saint-Germain en Laye) is a French demographer, gerontologist, author and journalist noted for his research of the Jeanne Calment case and for founding the International Database on Longevity in 2002.


  • Jeanne Calment: From Van Gogh's Time to Ours : 122 Extraordinary Years by Michel Allard, Victor Lebre, Jean-Marie Robine and Jeanne Calment (Hardcover - Oct 1998)
  • Longevity and Frailty (Research and Perspectives in Longevity) by J.R. Carey, Jean-Marie Robine, J.-P. Michel and Yves Christen (Hardcover - Jun 22, 2005)
  • Determining Health Expectancies by Jean-Marie Robine, Carol Jagger, Colin D. Mathers and Eileen M. Crimmins (Hardcover - Jan 17, 2003)
  • Brain and Longevity by Caleb E. Finch, Jean-Marie Robine and Yves Christen (Hardcover - Jan 31, 2003)
  • Human Longevity, Individual Life Duration, and the Growth of the Oldest-Old Population (International Studies in Population) by Jean-Marie Robine, Eileen M. Crimmins, Shiro Horiuchi and Yi Zeng (Paperback - Sep 2007)
  • Sex and Longevity: Sexuality, Gender, Reproduction, Parenthood (Research and Perspectives in Longevity) by Jean-Marie Robine, Thomas B. L. (Tom) Kirkwood and Michel Allard (Hardcover - Dec 2000)
  • Longer Life and Healthy Aging (International Studies in Population) by Yi Zeng, Eileen M. Crimmins, Yves Carrière and Jean-Marie Robine (Paperback - Feb 2007)
  • The Paradoxes of Longevity (Research and Perspectives in Longevity) by Jean-Marie Robine, Bernard Forette, Claudio Franceschi and Michel Allard (Hardcover - Aug 1999)

Selected journal articles

  • Survival beyond Age 100: The Case of Japan by Jean-Marie Robine and Yasuhiko Saito

Population and Development Review, Vol. 29, Supplement: Life Span: Evolutionary, Ecological, and Demographic Perspectives (2003), pp. 208–228