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Johann Chiossich
Birth: 26 December 1703?
Wien, Austria
Death: 21 May 1820
Murano, Italy
Age: 116 years, 147 days?
Country: AustriaAUTItaly ITA
Longevity claimant

Johann Chiossich (26 December 1703? - 21 May 1820) was an Austrian-born Italian longevity claimant who died at the claimed age of 116 years, 147 days.


Johann Chiossich claimed to have been born in Wien, Austria on 26 December 1703. He was a member of a family from Dalmatia. His father was Bartholomew Chiossich. This and his uncle, father's brother, lived to be 105 and 107 years old respectively. According to contemporary sources, he joined the infantry regiment Starhemberg as a piper at the age of seven ("in his eighth year"), where he became a commoner in 1725 when he reached the age of majority. In 1756 he left the regiment and switched to Venetian service. Here he was in the regiments Magnobissi and Papadopolo, but mostly as a naval soldier in the fleet.

Chiossich actively participated in all kinds of wars. For the Imperial it was used in the Turkish wars as well as in the Silesian Wars. From Trieste he was shipped with a contingent to the Americas, but also participated in Europe in the Seven Years' War. Among the Venetians he took u. a. participated in the expedition Angelo Emos against Tunis.

On May 1, 1797, he diminished after a total of 87 active years of service. Chiossich was admitted to the Disability House in Murano, where he spent his further twenty-three years of life. He passed away in Murano, Italy 21 May 1820 at the claimed age of 116 years and 147 days. Since also the invalid house belonged to the Austrian army, it brought Chiossich on 110 years recognized soldier life. He was considered the oldest invalid and a unique example in the history of war. At the same time, Johann Chiossich was able to preserve his strong constitution throughout his life. If his age is correct, he could be oldest man ever born in Austria. If his age is correct, he would also be the oldest known man ever, surpassing Jiroemon Kimura and the oldest person ever before being surpassed by Jeanne Calment in 1993.


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