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Jozsefne Szucs
Jozsefne Szucs
Birth: 23 October 1890
Törökszentmiklós, Austria-Hungary
Death: 17 December 2000
Tiszatenyő, Hungary
Age: 110 years, 55 days
Country: HungaryHUN

Jozsefne Szucs (née Erzsebet Slotka) [Hungarian: Szűcs Józsefné Slotka Erzsébet) (23 October 1890 – 17 December 2000) was a Hungarian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group. She may have been the first undisputed person to reach 110 in Hungary.


Jozsefne Szucs was born Erzsebet Slotka in the town of Torokszentmiklos, Austria-Hungary (present-day Hungary) on 23 October 1890. Allegedly, her mother lived to be 104 and her father lived to be 106. She married a farmer; they had 11 children. She got widowed in 1947. She moved into her son's house in Tiszatenyo in 1951.

Szucs was totally blind and hard of hearing in her last 30 years, but despite this, she was in good health until her death. Her daughter-in-law took care of her. She didn't take any medicine, although she drank a little bit of spirits every day. As a religious woman, she said believing in God is the secret of her long life.

Jozsefne Szucs died in Tiszatenyo, Hungary, on 17 December 2000 due to heart failure. Her final age was 110 years, 55 days.



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