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Julia Lyng
Julia Lyng
Julia Lyng (aged 110) on 21 July 1989.
Birth: 22 December 1878
Verdal, Troendelag, Norway
Death: 26 February 1990
Springfield, Minnesota, USA
Age: 111 years, 66 days
Country: NorwayNORUnited StatesUSA

Julia Lyng (22 December 1878 – 26 February 1990) was a validated Norwegian-American supercentenarian. She was the sixth Norwegian-born supercentenarian in history, behind Kristianna Ullaland, Maren Bolette Torp, Herman Smith-Johannsen, Wilhelmine Sande, and Velgjer Svien.


Julia Lyng was born in Verdal, Trøndelag, Norway, on 22 December 1878. Her parents were John and Liva (née Carlsdotter) Lyng. The family emigrated to Minnesota in 1884. Julia worked as a maid and housekeeper in her early 20s before returning to help the family with their farm after her father's death. She never married nor had any children, but she had a sister, Laura, who she lived with on the farm until Laura died in 1973. After that she moved into a retirement home in Springfield, Minnesota.

Julia Lyng died in Springfield, Minnesota, USA, on 26 February 1990 aged 111 years, 66 days.

Her case was originally verified by Celvin Ruisdael, and a rechecking of her case in 2015 proved that Julia was the age she claimed to be.