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Juliana Vasickova
Juliana Vasickova
Juliana Vasickova.
Birth: 8 April 1903
Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)
Death: 5 October 2010
Prusanky, South Moravia, Czech Republic
Age: 107 years, 150 days
Country: Czech RepublicCZE

Juliana Vasickova [Czech: Juliana Vašíčková] (8 April 1903 – 5 October 2010) was a Czech centenarian who was the oldest living person in the Czech Republic at the time of her death.


Juliana Vasickova was born on 8 April 1903. During the WW I, her father was drafted and she had to take care of her younger siblings. At the age of 26, Vasickova went to Vienna, where she worked as a sax. After a year, however, she returned to the parents who needed help. Later on, she married Ferdinand with whom she had two daughters: Dasa and Marie. Vasickova became the oldest living person in the Czech Republic following the death of Josef Flandera on 6 March 2010. She died on 5 October 2010 at the age of 107. She was a resident of Prusanky [Czech: Prušánky] in the South Moravia county.


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