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Kapken Suleymanov
Kapken Suleymanov
Kapken on his claimed 110th birthday in 2014.
Birth: 15 December 1904?
Zhambyl District, North Kazakhstan Region, Russian Empire (now Kazakhstan)
Death: 2 September 2016
Rusakovo, Omutinsky District, Tyumen Oblast, Russia
Age: 111 years, 261 days?
Country: KazakhstanKAZRussiaRUS

Kapken Suleymanov (Russian: Капкен Сулейманов; 15 December 1904? – 2 September 2016) was a Kazakh-Russian supercentenarian claimant whose claim is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Kapken claimed to be born on 15 December 1904 in village Bayan, Zhambyl District, North Kazakhstan Region, Russian Empire (now Kazakhstan) in family of peasants. His mother died when he was 7. He remembered 1920s earthquake that struck his village. In the years of collectivization, his family was dekulakized and exiled to the Kazakh village of Kyzyltu, Omutinsky district. Kapken married at the age of 13 for older girl. They had four daughters and a son (later they had 10 children in total). In 1918, his brother, Sherizad was born. He had two other brothers and all four fought in the Great Patriotic War. Kapken with his relatives moved to the territory of the Tyumen region (then Omsk).

In September 1941, Kapken went on the front. He fought on the 2nd Ukrainian Front in the Guards Division with a machine gunner. He took part in the liberation of Ukraine, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany. He was injured several times and got a concussion. According to his children, Kapken participated in the "Raising a flag over the Reichstag". Germans prepared many surprises for the advancing Soviet army. Kapken tells how once soldiers found basement with a jars of alcohol. It caused death of thirty soldiers. Alcohol was poisoned. He was awarded with the medal "Zhukov, the Order of the Patriotic War". Before and after the war he was engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The veteran was notable for the fact that he never smoked and did not drink alcohol. He was married for 81 years until his wife's death.

At the claimed age of 106, he lived in large brick house, granted to him from the local authorities. He lived with his daughter-in-law Lyazzat (the wife of his deceased son) and his two great-granddaughters Alma and Rysty.

As of his claimed 110th birthday in 2014, he had seven living children, 18 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren.

Kapken Suleymanov died in Rusakovo, Omutinsky District, Tyumen Oblast, Russia on 2 September 2016 at claimed age of 111 years, 261 days.