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Karoly Molnar
Karoly Molnar
Károly Molnár at the age of 105.
Birth: 12 December 1894
Bancau, Austria-Hungary (now Romania)
Death: 20 June 2001
Budapest, Hungary
Age: 106 years, 190 days
Country: RomaniaROUHungaryHUN

Vitez Karoly Molnar de Sepsi et Nagybaczon [Hungarian: Vitéz Sepsi-Nagybaczoni Molnár Károly] (12 December 1894 – 20 June 2001) was a Romanian-Hungarian centenarian. At the time of his death, he was the oldest known living male in Hungary.


Károly Molnár was born in Csíkbánkfalva, Austria-Hungary (present-day Bancau, Romania) on 12 December 1894, into an ancient Transylvanian noble family. His parents, Károly Molnár Sr. and Ida Soller were both teachers, and his father was also an ethnographer.

In 1914, after finishing his matura exams, Károly entered the Medical University of Kolozsvár (present-day Cluj), but he was soon drafted. He participated in more than 30 battles of World War I. For his heroic deeds, he received many orders. In 1918, he continued university and eventually got his degree in 1922.

During WWII, Károly worked as a military surgeon. He became the commander of a number of field hospitals. He saved 120 Jews from being cremated alive, when he refused to give them out to the Nazis. In 1946, he was imprisoned as he was seen as a ‘member of the previous regime’ by the new leaders. However, as he was greatly resistant during the following show trials, Károly was eventually set free, but he became socially marginalized and could not fill high positions afterwards. During the Socialist era, he worked as a general practitioner and later as a dentist.

Károly was married three times in total and had at least one daughter and two sons (one of them he adopted). After 1990, his status became restored. In 1991, at age 97, he was appointed to the rank General by the then-President of Hungary. Although he officially retired in 1967, he would still work two days a week in his dentist office until the age of 99.

As a centenarian, he lived with his third wife in an apartment near the Castle of Buda. Event at age 105, he would go to the Lukács Thermal Bath with tram and swim hundreds of metres – something he did every day for many decades.

Károly Molnár died as Hungary’s oldest living man after a short illness, on 20 June 2001, at the age of 106 years, 190 days.



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