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Kazimierz Klimczak
Kazimierz Klimczak
Birth: 15 February 1914
Cieplowo, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Russian Empire (now Poland)
Age: 108 years, 141 days
Country: PolandPOL

Kazimierz Klimczak (born 15 February 1914) is a Polish soldier, and centenarian. He is also the oldest living 1944 Warsaw Uprising veteran, and the oldest known living man in Poland.


Kazimierz Klimczak was born in Cieplowo, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Russian Empire (now Poland) on 15 February 1914.

He graduated from the NCO Infantry School for Juveniles No. 1 in Konin. From 1936, he served in the Polish Army. He graduated from the school of non-commissioned instructors and started his service in the 67th Infantry Regiment in Brodnica. In his ranks he took part in the fights of the "Pomerania" Army in the September campaign. He participated in the Battle of Bzura. He was seriously wounded near Melno, Grudziadz County and he was sent to the Ujazdowski Hospital for treatment.

As a war invalid, he made contact with the Union of Armed Struggle. During the occupationworked in the Tobacco Monopoly at ul. Kaliska 1 in Warsaw. During the Warsaw Uprising fought in the degree of sergeant at Wola in the ranks of District Ochota Army. He left Warsaw with the civilian population. He was captured, but managed to escape from the transport. In February 1945, he returned to the capital, where he was assigned to serve in an automobile regiment as the commander of a transport platoon. He served in the army until 1946.

He was a activist of the Union of War Invalids of the Republic of Poland. In 2017, he was promoted to the rank of colonel of the Polish Army.

He became the oldest known living man in Poland, following the death of 111-year-old Stanislaw Kowalski on 5 April 2022.

Klimczak currently lives in Masovia Voivodeship, Poland, at the age of 108 years, 141 days.



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