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Kim So-yoon
Kim So-yoon
Kim So-yoon in May 2018.
Birth: 1907?
Ulsan, Korean Empire (now South Korea)
Death: 2019
Byeongyeong 1-dong, Jung District, Ulsan, South Korea
Age: 112/113 years?
Country: South KoreaKOR

Kim So-yoon [Korean: 김소윤] (1906/1907? – 2019) was a South Korean supercentenarian claim whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Kim So-yoon claimed to have been born in 1907 in Dumesangol, Dudong-myeon, Ulju County, Ulsan, Korean Empire (now South Korea; it was then a Japanese protectorate). However, she was claimed to have been born in 1906, and to only have been registered in the family registery one year later. Her father sold potteries and charcoal, and she had a younger brother, so they were four in the house.

Kim worked with doing cleaning for other persons. She rose a child, found wrapped in a sheet by her husband. She learnt Hangul while playing poker. She credits her longevity to having humour, to be grateful for every little thing of her life, and to drink three or four cups of rice coffee every day.

In June 2010, Kim voted for the South Korean local elections. In May 2016, Kim was visited by Jung District's mayor Park Seong-min, who offered her a cheongnyeojang cane, made with dried white goosefoot stems.

In May 2017, Kim voted in the South Korean presidential election, and was reported to be the oldest voter in Ulsan.

In May 2018, Kim was reported to be in good shape, and to be able to follow a conversation without any difficulties. She daily watches the news, especially during the voting days. She was waiting for the next South Korean local elections in June 2018.

Kim died in Byeongyeong 1-dong, Jung District, Ulsan, South Korea in 2019, at the claimed age of at least 112/113 years.