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Kosta Trajkovic
Kosta Trajkovic
Trajkovic at the age of 102
Birth: 2 July 1832
Markovac, Principality of Serbia (present-day Serbia)
Death: 2 February 1939
Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (present-day Serbia)
Age: 106 years, 215 days
Country: SerbiaSRB

Kosta Trajkovic [Serbian: Коста Трајковић] (2 July 1832 — 2 February 1939) was a Serbian centenarian who, at the time of his death, was the oldest known living person in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He was a well-known Serbian merchant and radical. He was the grandfather of Jovan Babunski.


Kosta Trajkovic was born in the village of Markovac in the Principality of Serbia (present-day Serbia) on 2 July 1832.

From 1850, he lived in Belgrade, in Kneza Pavla Street. This centenarian talked about old Belgrade, and his grandson (from his brother) was the legendary Chetnik duke Jovan Babunski, whom he survived as well as three wives who died before him.

He had four sons and two daughters, two sons had four children each, and the third eight children, and one son died in the First World War. He had six other grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His eldest son went to Bucharest, so he had about ten or 15 great-grandchildren there.

He was the first interlocutor of the researchers of the newspaper "Vreme". They found that he was born in July 1832, that is, that at the time of the research, in 1938, he was already 106 years old. "This city of Belgrade was small and beautiful," said Trajkovic. "We all know what who likes: coffee from a cup and colorful slippers ..I like it best when the children around me make noise, said Kosta.

When asked by a journalist in 1938 how he could have lived so long, believing that Uncle Costa did not drink brandy or wine, this answered quite differently.

Kosta answers I drank both brandy and wine, I drank a lot.

Then, to the astonished interlocutor, he "pours" only unexpected answers to the questions he asks.

- Then, uncle, you didn't have much to do with women - the journalist tried to extract at least one item of "healthy living" that made Trajkovic so long-lived.

."Don't need him now," said Uncle. - I had three wives, and I turned them all over my head, and my head remained intact.

Kosta Trajkovic explained his 106-year-long explanation pictorially, pointed his finger upwards and said: "Ask the one above" It is not in a human hand!

Trajkovic died in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (present-day Serbia) on 2 February 1939 at the age of 106 years, 215 days. He is believed to have been the first man from present-day Serbia to live to be 106.



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