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Laura Dunlap
Laura Dunlap
Elza and Laura Dunlap.
Birth: 16 July 1879
Driskills, Kentucky, USA
Death: 28 February 1990
Englewood, Florida, USA
Age: 110 years, 227 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Laura Dunlap (née Stubbs; 16 July 1879 - 28 February 1990) was an American woman notable for her longevity. She was born in Driskills, Livingston, Kentucky on 16 July 1879 as the daughter of Willam and Nancy Holder Stubbs. She married Elza Jefferson Dunlap in Smithland, Livingston, Kentucky on 12 August 1906. The couple had five children: Loyd, Forest, Wallace, Hallie, William. The family moved to Michigan some time in the 1920s. Laura was widowed in 1958. Laura Dunlap died in Englewood, Charlotte, Florida on 28 February 1990, aged 110 years, 227 days.